The Dragons

Tristan and the Loyal Little Dragon

(Tristan and the Dragons Book 1)

Tristan is shown the true meaning of friendship and loyalty as he watches the actions of his friend the loyal little dragon. Adventure, joy and learning come together as Tristan and the loyal little dragon discover the bonds that unite true friends.

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Isabel and the Wise Little Dragon

(The Dragons Book 2)

Isabel and the wise little dragon go out to play one sunny morning and the adventures that follow, teach Isabel the value of friendship and family. Join Isabel and the wise little dragon as the two set off on a journey filled with imagination and ends with the joy and love of realizing where one truly belongs.


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Tristan and the Self Reliant Little Dragon

(The Dragons Book 3)

Tristan is having a hard time believing in himself until his best friend, the self-reliant little dragon, offers him some good advice. Come join the two friends as Tristan discovers what it is like to rely on himself to accomplish anything and everything that he sets out to do.


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Isabel and the Honest Little Dragon

(The Dragons Book 4)

Isabel likes to make up stories when she thinks no one will catch on, but her friend the honest little dragon shows her just what can happen when the truth is hidden from others. Join Isabel and the honest little dragon as they journey through their day, carefully discovering why honesty and friendship are the most important goals one can have.


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Tristan and the Generous Little Dragon

(The Dragons Book 5)

Tristan sometimes doesn’t understand why he needs to share until his friend, the generous little dragon, shows him all the wonderful feelings one gets when helping others. Join these two best friends as they uncover the lessons that show us why it is always better to give than to receive.


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Isabel and the Courageous Little Dragon

(The Dragons Book 6)

Being brave can be tough sometimes, luckily for Isabel her best friend is the courageous little dragon and he knows just how to help her overcome her fears. Join Isabel and the courageous little dragon as the two confront some of Isabel’s scariest concerns and learn the value of facing ones fears head on.


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Tristan and Isabel and the Honorable Little Dragon

(The Dragons Book 7)

When Isabel and Tristan can’t find any trace of their little dragon friends, the two siblings team up to investigate their disappearance. What follows is the adventure of a lifetime as Tristan and Isabel discover the honorable little dragon and everything he stands for.


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