Tristan and the Self Reliant Little Dragon


About the Book

Tristan is having a hard time believing in himself until his best friend, the self-reliant little dragon, offers him some good advice. Come join the two friends as Tristan discovers what it is like to rely on himself to accomplish anything and everything that he sets out to do.


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About Linworms

The Linworm has two front legs and no hind legs or wings. They still possess the same body and tail features as most traditional dragons. The feature that stands out the most with Linworns are their magnificent back scales that start at the head and continue all the way to the tip of their tails. Sightings of these dragons are supposed to bring you great luck.

Linworm have been spotted by Marco Polo on his travels, but are said to have originated from the northern countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.