Isabel and the Wise Little Dragon

An Eastern Dragon

About the Book

Isabel and the wise little dragon go out to play one sunny morning and the adventures that follow, teach Isabel the value of friendship and family. Join Isabel and the wise little dragon as the two set off on a journey filled with imagination and ends with the joy and love of realizing where one truly belongs.


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About Eastern Dragons

Eastern Dragons have sinuous serpentine bodies, four legs and no wings The dragons are said to be made up of many different types of animals of the Earth: the body of a snake, scales of a carp, the eyes of a hare (rabbit), ears like a bull, paws like a tigers, and claws like an eagle. Most of the time they are shown to have a lion-type mane around its neck, on its chin, and on each elbow. They have whiskers spreading out from their snout.

Eastern dragons are portrayed as good, kind, and intelligent. Eastern Dragons have the most recorded history in the world, especially in China going back thousands of years. In history they have a very close link to the weather. In Chinese history, the 5 toed dragon is the symbol of power, and are considered “Imperial Dragons”.