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The Seven Little Dragons were created out of my hope to give something to my children that will help teach them how to grow into smart, honest and honorable people. I want them to know the importance of Virtue, Honesty, Courage, Honor, Wisdom, Loyalty, Generosity and Self-Reliance. These are the values that I most want to impart on them as they grow, but I didn’t want to indoctrinate them with heavy-handed words or commands. Instead, I wanted them to discover the joy in learning to be the best possible people they can be and how living by these values will not only enrich themselves, but everyone else around him.

With this in mind, each lesson was written to be self-realized, learned through adventure, discovery and most of all, FUN. I wanted to capture the fun I had as a little boy when my mother would read me Shel Siverstein or my personal favorite ‘Where the Wildthings Are’. I also wanted to remind my children the importance of adventure, because I believe action leads to adventure and adventure leads to learning.

About the Guiding Dragons

As they embark on these journeys, I wanted the children to have a friend that accompanied them, and this is where the little dragons come in. They are a montage of all the positive people that influence their lives: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Grandparents, Godparents, and Friends. The little dragons are the representations of unconditional love – those people who want nothing more than health, happiness and laughter for the children that they love.

Each story features a dragon and a virtue, and the series overall contains many different cultural dragons from around the world, including Eastern, Western, Wyverns, Lindwyrms, and Winged Serpents. My intent was to both introduce children to the various Dragon creatures developed over the years, but also to hopefully allow children from all corners of the world to connect with the stories. 


Tristan and the Loyal Little Dragon


(Tristan and the Dragons Book 1)


Tristan is shown the true meaning of friendship and loyalty as he watches the actions of his friend the loyal little dragon. Adventure, joy and learning come together as Tristan and the loyal little dragon discover the bonds that unite true friends.



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